Victrix is Next Gen Compatible!

The high performance products you need to play like a pro on the next gen of consoles are already here! We’re excited to announce that Victrix headsets and fight sticks are forward compatible with Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. Read on to learn more and pick up our premium gaming products on

  • Pro AF ANC Headset: The Pro AF ANC is the most advanced Esports headset, designed with everything you need to play like a pro.
  • Pro AF Headset: The Pro AF gives you all the best features from our Pro AF ANC, without sacrificing the audio quality it’s known for.
  • Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick: The Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick’s revolutionary design and speed deliver the fastest legal response time on console, so you have the advantage over your challenger.
  • Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick: Street Fighter Edition: These Street Fighter Edition Pro FS Arcade Fight Sticks have looks and features that can kill.

Victrix headsets and fight sticks have been tested and ranked highly among professional gamers. Our premium products combined with the advanced tech in the new consoles will give you an advantage over the competition! If you haven’t already, grab your Victrix gear on today.

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