We set out to create best in class equipment for esports pros, streamers and core gamers. Years of design and development efforts from our team of gamers, makers, designers and engineers in San Diego, drawing inspiration from aviation, military spec and iconic consumer products, resulted in a line of professional gaming gear that exceeds all established quality and performance benchmarks by a large margin.
If selected for the exclusive Victrix Pro AF™ Beta Program, you will be among the first to receive our currently in development esports headset at no cost to you whatsoever. While we did our best to perfect this product; it’s still in the beta phase and we need actual user input to make improvements. We are looking for esport athletes and very active streamers who will be able to stress test our product in a realistic setting while providing valuable feedback.

Due to the number of beta units we built, we recognize that not all applicants can be a part of this exclusive beta, but we will remember those who noticed ProAF™ first, believed in our mission and volunteered to be a tester. In the case that you aren’t selected to participate, by applying for the beta you will be eligible for first access to the Pro AF™ launch and other meaningful incentives to be announced in early 2018.

To be considered for inclusion in the Victrix Pro AF™ Beta, please enter your information below and follow us on twitter @VictrixPro