What is Victrix


Victrix is a San Diego based engineering and design company that set out in 2015 to create the best in class equipment for esports pros, streamers and core gamers.

Years of design and development efforts from our team of gamers, makers, designers and engineers aims to disrupt gaming hardware category by introducing meaningful technological innovation encased in elegantly designed products.


We are problem solvers. Before we draw a single line on paper, we went to esports events and talked to the professional gamers about their equipment, asked them what worked on their gear, and what could be improved.

We then took all that input and identified the root cause of issues then formulated elegant solutions for each. We have a young team of engineers that appreciate art.

They all have passion for the games we are developing hardware for and they are a curious bunch who ask every day; how can we make things better?


As first impressions are important; we obsessed over every design detail of our products and wanted to wrap our technology in elegantly designed enclosures that looked and felt right.

It really takes gifted individuals to find the inspiration in iconic consumer products, architecture, aviation or everyday objects and convert them to meaningful curves, lines with a righteous resolution.

We trusted our designers’ instincts and allowed them to defend their choices. If our designs move you; then perhaps we are alike, and these items are right for you.