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Why does the Pro AF™ ANC need batteries?
The Pro AF™ ANC will fulfill its main functions without needing battery power. Its speakers and microphone will always function even if the batteries are depleted or removed. However, when powered by two AA batteries, it will unlock several pro features. Active Noise Canceling uses four microphones to constantly listen to your environment, while advanced algorithms create a noise-free zone by eliminating around 70% of the background noise, helping the operator focus. The player can also customize certain mic characteristics depending on the environment and their habits using comms. Mic pick up gain can be adjusted as well as the monitor levels. Different EQ settings for play style can also be customized once the headset is in active mode.
Why does the Pro AF™ ANC use Alkaline batteries and not rechargeable Lithium-Ion?
Players are not allowed to make extra connections to the consoles or PCs used during tournament play. By swapping the batteries during a break, the players quickly retain the powered features. A similar in-line controller is also employed in high-end aviation headsets which we were inspired by during our hardware engineering.
Is the Victrix Pro AF™ ANC compatible with other audio controllers?
Yes. While the Pro AF™ ANC is developed to be best paired with our TeamAMP™, the Victrix Pro AF™ ANC headset is also compatible with any other mixer currently available on the market.
How good is the microphone?
We believe it is the best in class by a large margin. The Pro AF™ ANC microphone filter design was originally developed for the Cobra attack helicopter and its 120dB loud unpressurized cockpit. The passive filter rejects the background noise and focus on the voice, increasing operator intelligibility. Once combined with the ILC adjustment features such as gain level, this mic will perform under any condition, delivering crisp and full range voice to your teammates.
Does the Pro AF™ ANC work with console and PC?
Yes! The Victrix Pro AF™ ANC works with any source that has a standard 3.5mm audio output – including PCs, Consoles, and Audio Controllers.
Are there sponsorship opportunities available?
We’re always open to looking for future opportunities, if you’d like to talk more please send an email to ps: we’re a small team here, please be patient as we get back to you.
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