This is Victrix Pro AF ANC

Premium gaming equipment designed for esports athletes and their specific needs in tournaments. This gear will most certainly give you an advantage and help you win. Let us show you how.

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We built the lightest esports headset ever. It's light but tough due to the aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel structures, lightweight polycarbonate and precision mechanical engineering.

Active Noise Canceling

Four dedicated microphones actively listen to the surrounding environment, and our algorithms cancel most of the background noise helping custom 50mm drivers deliver precision audio to the operator.

In-Line Controller

A feature inspired by the aviation headsets but optimized for the esports pro. There are first time in gaming functions packed into this box.

We tuned the sound in two characteristics depending on player's role in the team. MODE 1 is ideal for heightened senses in immediate surroundings, while MODE 2 gives you a sonic pictures of the overall stage, guiding fast moving players towards the action.

Cooling Mechanism

Our ventilation system provides instant relief to the player. Patent pending mechanical levers open the earcup vents to release heat and humidity without losing team communication at any time.


We stand by our products 100% and we trust they will serve you well for a very long time without any issues. Yet, if you ever have a problem with any of our products, we want to provide you a simple, straightforward support option.

Each Victrix product is laser engraved with the mobile phone number of a dedicated tech; 7 days a week, 24 hours a day no matter where you are; we will answer your inquiry and provide technical troubleshooting and service.