Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

This Policy is effective beginning October 1, 2017.

Victrix Gaming owns and operates the Victrix Gaming website, (“VG Website”). We use the VG Website to collect, organize, and announce a wide variety of opportunities to participate in beta tests (collectively, “Beta Test(s)”) of the products and services developed, created, offered and/or distributed under the Victrix Gaming brand. We also use the VG Website to register and collect information about registrants (“VG Registrants”) interested in participating in Beta Tests. Finally, we use the VG Website and the software behind it to perform, conduct and manage Beta Tests: (1) on our own behalf with respect to our own products; and (2) on behalf of our third party licensors in connection with products that may be licensed to and/or distributed by us.

Protecting your private information is very important to us. This privacy policy shall explain what information we gather about you, how we gather it, how we use it, how we share it, how we protect it, and how you can participate in its protection. Please read this Privacy Policy from beginning to end. If you don’t agree with these terms and conditions, then you should not use the VG Website, or our other sites or services or submit any personally identifiable information or other content to us. By using our sites and services, including the VG Website, and/or providing data to us, you are accepting and agreeing to the practices outlined in this Privacy Policy including all terms and conditions set forth in this Privacy Policy. You can request a copy of this Privacy Policy by contacting us at

I. General Overview

This Privacy Policy describes our privacy practices in relation to information that we collect (i) through the VG Website, emails, and other communications that we have with you related to Victrix Gaming, the Victrix Gaming Beta Program and Beta Tests, both online and offline (collectively, the “Victrix Gaming Sites”), and (ii) from VG Registrants applying for and participating in Beta Tests conducted on the VG Website and through emails and other communications with VG Registrants and other individuals , both online and offline.

II. The Data We Collect and How We Process It

In order to enable your use of the Victrix Gaming Sites, operate the Victrix Gaming Sites, operate our business, and for other purposes described in this Privacy Policy, we receive and collect certain information from you, including Personally Identifiable Information and Other Registrant Content. For purposes of this Privacy Policy: (i) “Personally Identifiable Information” means any information that identifies you as an individual or that relates to an identified or identifiable individual (e.g., name, email address, phone number, location data, mailing address, etc.); and (ii) “Other Registrant Content” means any other content, data or materials provided by you, including your twitch handle, your twitter handle, your Instagram handle, and your YouTube channel address and other content you post or upload to the Victrix Gaming Sites, which may include Personally Identifiable Information. If you submit any Personally Identifiable Information or Other Registrant Content to us, you represent that you have authority to provide us with that Personally Identifiable Information and Other Registrant Content and that we have all necessary authorization to use this information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, even if the information relates to other individuals or entities. You are solely responsible for the contents of the data that you provide to us.

A. When You Contact us through the Victrix Gaming Sites or Offline

When you request more information or otherwise contact us through the Victrix Gaming Sites or offline (e.g., when you request information or to be part of the Victrix Gaming Beta Program, complete a contact form, or email or call us), we collect Personally Identifiable Information, such as your name, email address, and other Personally Identifiable Information, Other Registrant Content, and information that you voluntarily provide to us.

Also note if you visit the VG Website, certain data would be collected by Google Analytics and conveyed to us including information pertaining to traffic data such as which domains are driving traffic to the VG Website, where the traffic is coming from or generated from, and how did visitors arrive at the VG Website. For more information on Google Analytics and the type of information we collect thru this mechanism, please visit Section 4 of this Privacy Policy.

B. When You Apply For the Victrix Gaming Beta Program

If you wish to apply to join the Victrix Gaming Beta Program, we require you to provide Personally Identifiable Information, including your email address, your twitch handle, your twitter handle, your Instagram handle, and your YouTube channel address. We may also require you to provide details regarding your experiences with technology and beta testing, the amount of time you have available to participate in a beta test, and details regarding any products or services you own which may relate to Victrix Gaming products or services that may be available for testing (e.g., headsets and other devices). Not all information is required in order to complete the registration and Victrix Gaming Beta Program application process, but supplying the additional data can increase the number of test opportunities available to you. After you provide your information on the VG Website, we also may ask you to complete voluntary surveys where we ask you to provide more details (including additional Personally Identifiable Information), about your interest in and qualifications for tests being conducted or considered by us or our licensors or other details that may enhance your ability to be selected for tests that we may conduct in the future by matching your information with the test participant requirements for the tests we conduct. Applying for the Victrix Gaming Beta Program is entirely voluntary. If you do not wish to provide the required information, you should not apply for this Program. If you do not wish to provide any optional additional requested information, you should not do so.

In order to determine whether you qualify to be part of the Victrix Gaming Beta Program, we will visit your social media sites that you provide to us during the application process including your twitch handle, your twitter handle, your Instagram handle and your YouTube channel address to view the number of followers you have and to determine whether your social media presence and profile is a good fit for testing one or more of our products.

C. For Prospective or Actual Beta Test Participants

Whether you are accepted into the Victrix Gaming Beta Program or not, it is very important that you understand that if you respond to an email seeking test participants, apply to serve as a test participant, or are selected to serve as a test participant in an Influencer Test we are conducting on our behalf or on behalf of our licensors, all information that you provide in the course of registration and qualification for, and participation in that Influencer Test is controlled by and belongs to us and may be disclosed to and/or shared with the particular licensor involved in the Beta Tests.

The nature of the information collected is determined by us and may differ on a case-by-case basis based on the particular Beta Tests we conduct. It is not possible to list all types of information that might be collected by us when conducting the test as it depends on the product we are testing and other factors and variables. However, tests often request or require you to provide your name, email address, physical address, phone number, preferences, opinions, feedback, product suggestions and other types of information and test data. In addition, the test often involves a product, service, or application that directly gathers information, including your Personally Identifiable Information, during your use. You are providing this data directly to us and/or to our licensors, affiliates or agents.

It is important for you to remember that all test participation is voluntary. If you do not wish to provide the information requested, do not participate in the test or use the test product, service, or application.

D. Other Information We Collect

We may collect information from other sources, such as public databases, social media platforms, and from other third parties in order to enhance our ability to provide relevant offers and content to you. We may also collect, track, and analyze non-identifying statistical, anonymous, or aggregated information from visitors and users of the Victrix Gaming Sites. In addition, we passively collect data, as disclosed below in our policy regarding Google Analytics, IP addresses, and other passive information collection.

III. How We Use and Share Personal Data

A. General Comments

We do not rent or sell your Personally Identifiable Information to third parties for the purpose of marketing their products and services to you. At no time, except as may be required by law or disclosed in this Privacy Policy, will we share or distribute your Personally Identifiable Information to third parties or use your Personally Identifiable Information in any manner not disclosed in this privacy policy. We may use your Personally Identifiable Information in any of the ways described in this Privacy Policy, including:

1. to create an account or profile you have requested on one or more of the Victrix Gaming Sites;

2. to send administrative information about the Victrix Gaming Sites to you, such as changes to our terms, conditions, and policies;

3. to respond to your inquiries and fulfill your requests, such as to send you requested materials and newsletters, as well as information about our services and business;

4. to service your profile, account or registration;

5. to communicate with you and provide you with all necessary or helpful information about any Beta Tests;

6. to send, install, remove, or retrieve any test product, device, or software in a test being conducted by us or our licensors that you have volunteered to participate in;

7. to personalize your experience on the Victrix Gaming Sites, such as by presenting opportunities or promotional or advertising offers and content or other content tailored to you;

8. for our internal business purposes, such as data analysis, audits, fraud monitoring and prevention, developing new products, enhancing, improving or modifying the Victrix Gaming Sites and services, identifying usage trends, determining the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns and operating or expanding our business activities;

9. as we believe to be necessary or appropriate under applicable law, including laws outside of your country of residence, to comply with legal process, to respond to the requests of courts or governmental authorities, to enforce our terms and conditions, to protect our operations, rights, privacy, safety, clients, or property (or that of others), and to allow us to pursue available remedies or limit damages we may sustain;

10. for other purposes you have specifically agreed to;

11. in the ways described below.

B. When You Visit the Victrix Gaming Sites

We use contact information that you have provided as a visitor to Victrix Gaming Sites or business contact in order to contact you to discuss your interest in Victrix Gaming and our offerings and services, and to send you information such as announcements of opportunities and events regarding Victrix Gaming products and Beta Tests. Where you provide us with your contact information, we may also send you community newsletters, updates, promotional and advertising offers and materials, and blog posts. If at any time you no longer wish to receive these communications, you can follow the instructions on opting out in Section 6 below.

C. When Applying for the Victrix Gaming Beta Program

When you provide your email to us and social media handles when applying for the Victrix Gaming Beta Program, you are agreeing to allow us to use the information you provide to determine if you may match the profile required for participating in Beta Tests to be conducted by us or on behalf of our licensors. When we believe you might be a good match to participate in our Beta Tests, we will contact you about these opportunities. This is the primary function of the information we collect through the Victrix Gaming Sites. We may also send you newsletters, announcements, or communications, including by email and text message, that we believe may be of interest to you. If at any time you no longer wish to receive any announcements about these test opportunities or other communications or wish to modify your profile and preferences, you can follow the instructions on opting out in Section 6 below to either modify your preferences or terminate your profile with us.

D. Data We Collect from Beta Testing Where you participate in a Beta Test, our data collection and privacy practices (such as those disclosed in this Privacy Policy and/or other terms and condition(s) you enter into in connection with the test) control. You should read these documents carefully prior to providing any Personally Identifiable Information or Other Registrant Content in connection with a test so that you understand how your Personally Identifiable Information and Other Registrant Content will be used and shared by us. In addition, where you participate in a video chat, group discussion, or similar group communication in connection with your participation in any Beta Test, certain profile information, such as your first and last name, Other Registrant Content and other information you opt to provide in these group settings, may be visible to other users participating in the same group setting.

We access, collect, store, retain, transfer, use, or otherwise process our test data, including the Personally Identifiable Information and Other Registrant Content that you submit in connection with our tests, only for the limited and specific purposes to select test participants, to conduct Beta Tests, to prevent or address technical problems or as required by law. You grant us permission to contact you and to process your Personally Identifiable Information and Other Registrant Content provided in connection with our Beta Test. In addition, if you qualify and are accepted into the Victrix Gaming Beta Program, you agree and understand that we may use information regarding your general level of participation in tests to assist in determining whether you are a good candidate for other tests being performed by us and/or our licensors.

E. Third-Parties May Have Access to Your Data

We contract with third party agents and service providers to provide services to us in accordance with our instructions (e.g., data center or hosting, web analytics, shipping, marketing assistance, test product installation, test implementation processes, etc.). These third parties may have access to your data (including Personally Identifiable Information and Other Registrant Content) if there is a legitimate reason to do so solely for the purpose of providing services to us and in compliance with our instructions. We diligently choose these third party service providers and seek to require the agent or service provider to maintain the privacy, confidentiality and security of the information.

F. Information We Review on Social Media Pages

Information that you disclose on our social media pages will appear in public ways, such as through search engines or other publicly available platforms. We will also review information that you disclose on your social media pages and this information will be reviewed by us to determine your eligibility to be accepted into the Victrix Gaming Beta Program and to qualify as a test participant in one or more of our Beta Tests. Please do not post any information that you do not want to reveal to the public at large or to us. These pages include features such as the “like” button when you like certain content online. If you use these features, they will collect your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address (a number automatically assigned to the computer that you are using by your Internet Service Provider) and which page you are visiting, and set a cookie to enable the feature to function properly. Your interactions with these features are governed by the privacy policy of the company providing the feature, not by this Privacy Policy.

If you are accepted into the Victrix Gaming Beta Program and are participating in one of our Beta Tests, please be aware that any positive feedback you post on your social media pages about our products may be reviewed by us and we may decide to repost this content onto our social media sites or possibly link your positive feedback to the VG Website.

G. Company Transactions

In some cases, we may buy or sell assets or businesses, or engage in company transactions such as reorganizations, mergers, joint ventures, assignments, financings, dispositions of stock, and other changes of control, where Personally Identifiable Information and Other Registrant Content is transferred to third parties for legitimate purposes in connection with the transactions.

H. Aggregate Data and Anomalous Information

We may use and share aggregated data or Personally Identifiable Information otherwise stripped of identifying characteristics for any purpose, except as otherwise prohibited under applicable law.

IV. Google Analytics, Other Passive Information We Collect, and How To Opt Out

Like many companies, we use cookies (small data files stored on your computer), logging, and similar tools to collect and analyze information about you and the usage of the Victrix Gaming Sites. This information is used to operate the Victrix Gaming Sites, prevent fraud and misuse of our services, measure how people use the Victrix Gaming Sites, analyze how people respond to our emails and other communications, analyze trends, improve the Victrix Gaming Sites, and improve your overall experience. We currently use the following third-party cookies:

Google Analytics – These Google-placed cookies allow us to analyze how our visitors and users interact with the Victrix Gaming Sites. The information generated about your usage is transmitted to Google in the United States. This information is used to compile statistical reports on activity on the Victrix Gaming Sites to help us improve the Victrix Gaming Sites and your experience. The information we receive from Google Analytics is aggregated data and we cannot use it to individually identify any particular visitor or user. We encourage you to read the Google Privacy Policy.

Opting Out – If you don’t want data collected and reported by Google Analytics, you can learn more about opting out of Google Analytics here, and can install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. In other circumstances, you can choose whether to accept cookies by changing the settings on your browser. To learn generally how to opt out of cookies using your browser settings and other tracking technologies, you may wish to visit and/or (third party sites). Opting out of all cookies will prevent you from being able to create a profile or to submit your information on the VG Website and may impact the functionality you receive when visiting the VG Website. Do Not Track – Although we do our best to honor the privacy preferences of our users, we are not able to respond to “do not track” signals from your browser.

V. How We Protect Your Information and the Safeguards We Implement We take the security of your Personally Identifiable Information very seriously. We and the third party service providers we used to build the VG Website have put in place physical, technical, and organizational processes and measures designed to safeguard the Personally Identifiable Information that we hold. When accessing the VG Website via a supported web browser, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects information using both server authentication and data encryption to help ensure data is safe and secure in transit.

These safeguards help prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the appropriate use of data. However, you should be aware that no security procedures or protocols are guaranteed to be 100% secure, and there is always some risk assumed by sharing information. You are also responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your information. If you have reason to believe that your interaction with us is no longer secure, your information has been compromised, or have any other concern regarding our privacy practices, please immediately notify us at In the event that any Personally Identifiable Information under our control is compromised as a result of a breach of security, we will investigate the situation and where appropriate, notify those individuals whose information may have been compromised and take other steps in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

VI. To Unsubscribe from Our Emails

VG Registrants may unsubscribe from emails announcing Beta Tests conducted by us or our licensors by clicking on the unsubscribe link in our emails. To opt out of receiving other emails or communications from us, please contact us at We will respond promptly. If you would like to limit the use or disclosure of your Personally Identifiable Information collected or stored by us, please notify us at so that we may consider and respond to your request in accordance with applicable law.

VII. Our Data Retention Policy and Your Right to Request We Modify or Delete Your Data We will only retain your Personally Identifiable Information until the purpose for which it was collected has been accomplished or as otherwise required or permitted by applicable law, internal data retention policies, and, in the case of our test data, and our terms and conditions for the tests we conduct. Depending on your location, you may have certain rights to access other Personally Identifiable Information, or to request that your Personally Identifiable Information be rectified, amended, deleted, or blocked, as provided by applicable law. If you wish to exercise such rights, please contact us at For your protection, we may need to verify your identity before implementing any request. We will respond to your request promptly, and in no event later than 30 days from your request, subject to applicable law. Please note that we may need to retain certain information for recordkeeping purposes and/or to complete any transactions or Beta Tests that you began prior to requesting such modification or deletion. Deleted or updated Personally Identifiable Information and Other Registrant Content stored in our backup systems will be automatically deleted or updated during our backup procedures, except as otherwise required by applicable law. Please remember that Personally Identifiable Information submitted in connection with a Beta Test is also owned and controlled by us and maybe shared with one or more of our third party licensors involved in the Beta Test.

VIII. Your Data May Be Transferred Internationally The Personally Identifiable Information and Other Registrant Content we collect from you using our services or the Victrix Gaming Sites, is used, stored, and/or processed by us in the United States. In addition, in the circumstances described in this Privacy Policy where your Personally Identifiable Information and Other Registrant Content is shared, transferred or otherwise disclosed to a third party (including our licensors), this data may also be used, stored, and/or processed outside of the United States in any country in which the third party has facilities or engages service providers. Therefore, by using the VG Website and the Victrix Gaming Sites, by participating in any test conducted by us or our licensors, or disclosing Personally Identifiable Information or Other Registrant Content to us, you expressly consent to the transfer of your Personally Identifiable Information and Other Registrant Content to the United States of America and any other country as described in this paragraph, which country or countries may not offer the same legal protections offered in your country or the country in which you were located when you initially provided the information, and which may be deemed by your country to offer insufficient legal protections. You have a right to withdraw this consent, and you may do so by contacting us at The withdrawal of consent will not affect the lawfulness of actions based on your consent prior to your withdrawal of consent.

IX. We Do Not Knowingly Collect Data From Children The VG Website and Victrix Gaming Sites are not intended for use by minors under the age of 18. We do not knowingly or specifically collect information from minors under the age of 18 through the VG Website or the Victrix Gaming Sites. If you believe that we have mistakenly or unintentionally collected or are holding information about minors under the age of 18, please notify us at so that we may investigate and delete the information from our systems as necessary. We comply and require our licensors to comply with all legal requirements, including those regarding parental consent if applicable, where a Beta Test hosted on the VG Website and Victrix Gaming Sites involves the collection of information about minors under the age of 18. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of the VG Website and Victrix Gaming Sites to collect information about minors, please contact us at

X. We Reserve the Right to Change This Privacy Policy We reserve the right to change this privacy policy. If we make changes to this policy, you will find the revised privacy policy posted on the VG Website, along with the effective date of the revised privacy policy. Your use of and access to the VG Website and the Victrix Gaming Sites after any changes become effective will be considered your acceptance of those changes and will constitute your agreement to be bound by the new or modified privacy policy.

XI. Contact information If You Have Questions or Comments Questions about this privacy policy or our information practices should be directed to our team by emailing or by mailing us at: Victrix Gaming, 2727 Camino del Rio South STE 337, San Diego, California 92108.