Intellectual Property


Victrix products may be covered by one or more U.S. patents.  Please see below to find patents associated with particular Victrix products.

· Victrix Pro AF (All Versions): U.S. Patent Numbers 10,149,033 and 10,187,715

· Victrix Pro FS (All Versions):

· U.S. Patent Numbers 10,569,162, 10,183,218, 10,272,327 and D890.846

· China Design Patent No. ZL 201830053425.8

· European Design Registration No. 004680403-0001/2/3

· Japan Design Registration No. 1,603,235

· Korea Registration Numbers 30-0973912-0001 and 30-0973912-0002

· Singapore Registered Design No. 30201906370T and 30201906371R

· Malaysia Design Registration No. MY 19-00362-0102 and MY 19-00363-0202

· Victrix Gambit Dual Core Tournament Controller: US Patent Numbers 10,874,938, 10,737,171, 10,042,435, 10,942,584 and 11,298,610

· Victrix Pro FS-12 (All Versions): Patent Pending

(Updated August 25, 2022)


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