What is the Victrix Beta Program? Is it ongoing?

The Beta Program was an initiative we took to get as much feedback as possible on the Victrix Pro AF™ so that we could give you the highest quality version of our premium headsets upon release.  We sent the Pro AF’s to professional players, full time streamers, and hardcore gamers who play for hours on end - the main goal was to stress-test the units and find possible imperfections in the product. As a result, we can confidently say we have made the best tournament grade headset in esports to date.

Unfortunately though, the Beta Program for the Victrix Pro AF™ has concluded.  We may be looking to replicate our Beta Program for future products though, so stay tuned for that.

I applied for the Beta - why did I not receive an email?

Our team here at Victrix Pro is small, and our Beta Program received an overwhelmingly positive response.  We wish we could have reached out to you sooner but we were focused on bringing you the very best in gaming hardware, and we feel we have done that.  We appreciate your patience and your early support even more.

When will Victrix Pro AF™ be available for pre-order?

Pre-orders will begin on March 8th, 2018 but will be limited to 4000 units - these units will be part of an exclusive Limited Edition release which will end after the first 4000 units are sold.  The ship date for these pre-orders will be June 9th, 2018.

What all will be included in the Limited Edition pre-order box?

As part of the special release, those who choose to take advantage of our amazing offering will receive the following:

  • Numbered Pro AF ANC Esports Headset with ILC unit (1 / 4000 - each unit numbered and early orders receive the lower numbers)
  • Carrying Case (included in this edition but sold separately later on)
  • VIP Tech Support: Mobile phone number etched on the product for 24/7 live support with a dedicated tech.
  • 1st Release Mic Badge
  • Coffee Table Book / User Manual
  • Oversized Cleaning Cloth

How much does Victrix Pro AF™ cost?

Pre-orders will go live at an exclusive price point of $199.99 (USD) but will be limited to 4000 units. Once the Victrix Pro AF™ launches in early June, we will have two versions available for retail:

  1. The Victrix Pro AF™ ANC - our tournament grade version with Active Noise Cancellation along with an Inline Controller (ILC) that allows for full audio control; this will retail for $299.99 (USD).
  2. The Victrix Pro AF™ - a premium headset with a passive audio cable.  This high quality headset will be offered at a competitive price of $199.99 (USD).

Will the Victrix Pro AF™ work with console and PC?

Yes! The Victrix Pro AF™ will work with anything that has a 3.5mm input - including PCs, consoles, and mixamps.

When will the TeamAmp™  be on the market?

The TeamAmp™ will be available for pre-order starting early September, 2018. Both the Sony and Microsoft licensed versions will begin shipping mid-October.

Wired or Wireless?

The Pro AF™ is a wired headset in compliance with rules and regulations put forth by major tournament organizations. It's designed to plug into tournament mixers for team communication or directly to a PC or a game controller.

Why does a wired headset need batteries?

The Pro AF™ ANC will fulfill its main functions without needing battery power.  Its speakers and microphone will always function even if the batteries are depleted or removed. However, when powered by two AA batteries, it will unlock several pro features. Active Noise Canceling uses four microphones to constantly listen to your environment, while advanced algorithms create a noise-free zone by eliminating around 70% of the background noise, helping the operator focus. The player can also customize certain mic characteristics depending on the environment and their habits using comms. Mic pick up gain can be adjusted as well as the monitor levels. Different EQ settings for play style can also be customized once the headset is in active mode.

Why Alkaline batteries and not rechargeable Lithium-Ion?

Players are not allowed to make extra connections to the consoles or PCs used during tournament play. By swapping the batteries during a break, the players quickly retain the powered features. A similar in-line controller is also employed in high-end aviation headsets which we were inspired by during our hardware engineering.

Why doesn't it have a USB cable instead of a 3.5mm Aux?

To be compliant with tournament rules. Victrix Pro AF™ is mainly a LAN tournament headset and it needs to plug into mixers during team matches. These mixers have a 3.5mm input/output jack. We are considering future products that could feature a USB cable/connector which would eliminate the need for AA batteries as well, but that is a different product.

Is Victrix Pro AF™ compatible with other mixamps/audio controllers?

Yes. While we are developing a Victrix tournament team audio mixer solution called the TeamAmp™, Victrix Pro AF™ headset is also compatible with any other mixers currently available on the market.

How good is the microphone?

We believe it is best in class by a large margin. Pro AF™ microphone filter design was originally developed for the Cobra attack helicopter and its 120dB loud unpressurized cockpit. The passive filter rejects the background noise and focus on the voice, increasing operator intelligibility. Once combined with the ILC adjustment features such as gain level, this mic will perform under any condition, delivering crisp and full range voice to your teammates.