What began as a group of friends showcasing their Call of Duty skills on YouTube back in 2011, SoaR is one of the most prolific brands in the fields of content production and competitive esports.

With a social media following in the millions, creators across numerous platforms worldwide and a strong presence in games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, Destiny, Counter-Strike, SMITE, and more; SoaR aims to continue thriving as a leading name in online entertainment.


Elevate is a premier, international esports organization fielding world level professional teams in a number of competitive titles. Formed in 2014, the company grew from a small team into a full-fledged media and marketing organization through fielding successful teams in several competitive esports markets.

Elevate’s mission is to lead and innovate in marketing products, relationships with sponsors and partners, and to set a standard for professionalism in one of the largest-growing industries in the world.


Justin Wong is a Fighting Game Community legend who has been competing for over 20 years now and has been in the spotlight ever since.

Now Justin has started to brand himself to further his career in the world of esports. With Victrix, we will be seeing more of what Justin Wong can do when it comes to tournaments, content, and community.


Yusuke Momochi is a professional Street Fighter V Player and the champion of Capcom Cup 2014, EVO 2015 as well as EVO Japan 2019. Momochi is more than just a player, he's also the CEO of Shinobism Inc which he began in 2015, manager of the professional gaming team Fudoh, and runs a training lounge for players.


Yuko Momochi began playing fighting games with Street Fighter IV and quickly became the champion of a women-only tournament held in Japan. She is also the director of Shinobism Inc. and works to support the community by hosting events and tournaments. Chocoblanka manages the girls gaming team Kacho Fugetsu and puts her effort in supporting female gamers as well.


Sherry Nhan, also known as Sherryjenix, has been competing in the Fighting Game Community for almost 10 years. Starting with Street Fighter IV, her Crimson Viper flame kicked her way onto the scene and now mains Necalli in Street Fighter V.

Not only is Sherryjenix a competitor, but she has grown to become an influencer and ambassador of the Fighting Game Community. She has participated in shows produced by streaming sites such as Hulu to national cable networks such as TBS.

Not only has she competed around the world, but also started her own initiative to help foreign players obtain visas to compete in the United States. With the Fighting Game Community continuously growing, it is no doubt her establishment in esports will also continue to grow.


Alex Myers is a top American Street Fighter player with an emphasis on improving his skills through mental and physical training beyond the conventional methods of training.

As of late, Alex has also been focusing on content creation to assist beginner and intermediate Street Fighter players to level up their skills. We look forward to supporting and collaborating with Alex throughout the year as he aims to qualify for the Capcom Cup.