A high-performance arcade fight stick designed for esports, and for the specific needs of the competitor. Built by creative engineers, FGC veterans and with intimate feedback from champions. Competing against this equipment will be a major disadvantage.



The Pro FS™ is built from the ground up to deliver the fastest response time achievable. It will get you in the frame that matters, and it becomes the difference between the block or taking the damage. Reliable and responsive Sanwa Denshi switches and JLF was our choice to complement our custom electronics.


From the precise angle of the slope for the wrists to the exact weight to the thickness and the chemical composition of the non-slip pads against your knees. We put a lot of thought to comfort features of the Pro FS™. At the end, this gear should feel like an extension of you, so you can succeed.


Pro FS™ is a head turner; the first of its kind, its full metal enclosure fight stick is made by extruding aircraft grade aluminum into its perfectly ergonomic shape. We then brushed, anodized and illuminated the chassis that will withstand the test of time.


Pro FS™ allows complete control and customization. A large bottom door opens wide to give you access to updates, swaps, and all the eccentric mods you can envision. We also gave you buttons you can program + fully customizable audio and lighting suites.


We built handles, die cast metal shoulder strap attachments, cable organizers and we included a removable stick that stores during transit. We observed you carefully during our R&D moving from station to station or from country to country. The Pro FS™ is designed to be a good travel companion regardless of your destination.