The Victrix Pro AF™ Headset

The Victrix Pro AF™ Headset

Join us in welcoming the Pro AF Headset to the Victrix family! Officially licensed by PlayStation and Xbox, and packed with industry-leading features, the Pro AF is now available for purchase on and for $179.99. 

While at a lower price point than our Pro AF ANC Headset, we’ve included the same audio drivers so you can still experience the pristine audio quality that Victrix is known for. No cost has been spared with the Pro AF’s microphone performance, either, since it shares the same Cobra microphone as the Pro AF ANC. Based on feedback from competitors, streamers, and you our community, we’ve modified the Pro AF to remove the active noise cancellation feature in order to meet the needs of gamers who don’t require it.  Take your game to the next level, be Pro AF. Keep on reading to discover more about the high-tech features of this headset.

Cooling Mechanism:

During design research, we observed pro athletes shifting their earcups during short breaks between rounds—seeking relief while they discussed their strategy for the next round. We came up with an effective solution using patent pending mechanical levers that open the earcup vents to release heat and humidity, without losing team communication at any time.

Cobra Microphone:

A gaming headset is only as good as its microphone. Our mechanical mic filter design was originally created for the Cobra attack helicopter, and its violent 120dB unpressurized cockpit. This removeable boom mic will increase player intelligibility in the loudest environments.  If a microphone is not your style, it can be replaced with a form-fitting cover to maintain the elegance of the headset while you stream.

On-Ear Controls:

Change audio on the fly. We’ve all struggled to find the controls mid-game to adjust audio or mute ourselves in between rounds. After receiving valuable feedback, we’ve centralized them to the headset itself so it’s all within reach.

You can snag your officially licensed PlayStation & Xbox Pro AF Headset now on and for $179.99.

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