Bison Limited Edition Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick – Available Now!

Get ready to dominate your competition and the world with the Bison Limited Edition Victrix Pro FS™ Arcade Fight Stick! Inspired by the 30-year legacy of Street Fighter, this Pro FS is a limited production run of only 250 units and is available for $399.99 exclusively on, starting today.

Shadaloo's Boss is brought to life through a laser engraving on a beautiful red aluminum background. The featured character art is from the highly acclaimed Kinu Nishimura, who has been one of Capcom's most famous artists for over 20 years. The Bison Edition of the Victrix Pro FS is a true collector’s item featuring a serialization number out of 250 units produced, along with Kinu Nishimura’s original seal. This limited edition Pro FS is a piece of art in looks and function, so get yours while supplies last!

We’ve designed the Victrix Pro FS from the ground up to deliver the fastest legal response time on console, so you can unleash your inner Psycho Power on the competition with this new Bison Edition. Our custom electronics are paired with authentic and reliable Sanwa Denshi parts to deliver the smoothest performance. Enclosed in a single-piece of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Pro FS was built with comfort and ergonomics in mind. Take control of your fight stick with the included Touch Pad, programmable buttons, customizable audio, and lighting.

Access: Like our other Pro FS models, this new Bison Edition has a door in the back for easy access to the components so you can completely customize your setup. Need to replace something? Check out our parts & accessories store.

Comfort: We put a lot of thought into the comfort features of the Pro FS. From the precise angle of the slope for your wrists, to the exact weight and ergonomics of the non-slip pads against your knees, this fight stick will feel like an extension of you.

Convenience: During our research and development, we watched gamers moving from station to station, or country to country for tournaments. With travel convenience in mind, we designed the Pro FS to include built-in handles, diecast metal should strap attachments, a cable organizer, and a removable stick that stores during transit.

Don’t miss your chance to get this Bison Limited Edition Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick, officially licensed by Capcom® and PlayStation®! Pick up one of 250 units for $399.99 on today.

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